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Foothills Art Center Show – April, 2010

Colorado Clay is a juried biennial exhibition hosted by Foothills Art Center in Golden Colorado.  The exhibition showcases some of the very best in contemporary ceramics by Colorado artists.

Scarlett was awarded first place at the Colorado Clay 2010.

The Denver Post article authored by Denver Post Fine Arts Critic Kyle MacMillan had this to say:

“This exciting new figure on the scene won first place in “Colorado Clay” and deserved it for her absorbing sculptural heads, finished with black gesso. Though rendered with smooth, machinelike impeccability, they are vital and expressive. “Peaceful Practice” and “Journey of One” — the two largest ones at about 3 feet in height — exert a commanding presence.” (Here is the Denver Post article.)

Michael Paglia, Art Critic for Westword Newspaper, wrote:

“As I said earlier, one of the greatest strengths of a juried show is the ability to reveal heretofore little-known artists, and that’s what happens with Erie’s Scarlett Kanistanaux, who contributes a series of busts of Tibetan monks finished in a gorgeous black….— “Peaceful Practice” and “Journey of One” — transcend realism and make a big aesthetic statement.” (Here is the Westword article.)